Panoramic smartphone mount

The lens pivoting photo sphere aid for your mobile phone.

Mobile 360° just got easier.

The Pivotsphere smartphone tripod mount enables you to shoot images at the correct angle to produce the most accurate stitching result when creating panoramic photo spheres with your phone.

Real Estate tours without a doubt help sell homes, but the cost involved leads to making them only viable for larger higher priced properties.

How about doing it yourself easily for FREE?

With a Pivotsphere on your tripod or a light stand, realtors can shoot accurate high quality 360° degree interior and exterior panoramas using free mobile apps like Google Street View iPhoneGoogle Street View android  or Google Camera and with new free 360° display services like Youvisit.com to create DIY virtual Real estate tours in minutes. Then they can be embedded into your website with a copy and paste as done here in our Pivotsphere WordPress website. Not only is it easy, but the Pivotsphere mount and a tripod, it can all be done just using your smartphone.


Easy, quick and clean stitching results without guesswork.

Below the benefits of using the pivotsphere smartphone tripod mount when shooting mobile 360 are clear. You can get great result when you shoot with the correct angle and lens position.

Pivotsphere smartphone tripod mount does just that! It allows you to shoot each image from a fixed point in 3D space, drastically improving the resulting photo sphere.


With panoramic apps for smartphones, the ability to take stunning panoramas and Photo Sphere images is more accessible than ever before. Shooting them indoors when items are close has proved difficult and usually produces undesirable misaligned stitching results. 

We wanted to achieve better results in our own panoramic work and as an array of commercial applications could take advantage of a better indoor photo sphere solution. We set out to solve the issues and answer the question ...

Can we achieve a perfect or near perfect indoor photo sphere with a phone?

The answer was Yes!

The accuracy needed to hold the phone at perfect angles makes it nearly impossible to achieve optimal 360° photo sphere results. Issues with parallax, lens pivoting, and device position while shooting the images limits the accuracy stitching apps need to do their magic.

We are proud to introduce what we feel is the ultimate universal smartphone tripod mount for shooting optimal panoramic and photo sphere with your phone. Try it, and you’ll never want to shoot without it!

Start taking stunning panoramic images with your phone.

Order the PIVOTSPHERE today.

How it works

  1. Mount the Pivotsphere onto a level tripod or 1/4" light stand.
  2. Slip in your mobile phone.
  3. Start shooting your photo sphere.
  4. Rotate the pan on the tripod and tilt the Pivotsphere to align each shot.

The Pivotsphere smartphone tripod mount keeps the phone's camera lens at the correct angle as you capture each frame. Pivotsphere Setup Instructions

Order the Pivotsphere

Only $69.95 + s & h

Order the Pivotsphere mount today and start capturing beautiful panoramic images with your smartphone.

  • Constructed of durable 1/2" clear cast acrylic
  • Soft Non-Slip inlay
  • Fabric covered holding straps
  • Lens centered design
  • Adjustable pivot points to work with all major smartphones
  • Dual 1/4" Mounting threads
  • Perfect for hard to get interior shots and virtual tours
  • Works great with the array of free panoramic apps and perfect for Google Camera

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Sample images shot using the Pivotsphere

Getting 360 Photospheres tours to your audience is easier then ever. Below are samples show using 2 different methods.
One is utilizing Youtube's 360 video capabilities. This method uses a video slideshow with each still lasting for 10 seconds each. User can rotate the view with the mouse or touch swipe, or with Youtube's mobile app user can explore using google cardboard or a virtual reality headset to look around. User can pause to explore a room at length.

The other method uses WebGL viewers which render a 3d sphere with your images mapped to them. User again can rotate the view with the mouse or touch swipe. There are also may hosting options available today that support 360 photosphere panoramics and interact in similar ways. As done here the images can be embedded into your website or real estate property page as well.

Shot using the Pivotsphere - shown as webGL (10000px x 5000px )

Shot using the Pivotsphere - shown as Youtube360 (4000px x 2000px )